Study by Testing Lab Finland


100 testers used Polar Frost pain relieving gel for 2 months in order to get objective and reliable user experience.


Competitive athletes, fitness enthusiasts and office workers with neck and shoulder tensions and pains.


Polar Frost pain relieving gel was awarded the Tested Testing Lab brand license. 96 % of the testers would recommend Polar Frost pain relieving gel to a friend.

Tester comments about the efficiency of Polarfrost

“When needed, continuous usage of cold gel for 1-2 days was enough to relieve most kinds of pains”

“The efficiency of Polar Frost changed my opinion of pain relieving cold gels”

“ Added benefit of the cold gel is the preventive use after hard exercises to avoid muscle pains”

“Pain relieving gel was unbelievably efficient”

“Absolutely the most efficient cold gel that I have ever used”

Polar Frost Test by Testing Lab

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