Polar Frost Cold Gel for instant pain relief

Use the gel in 4 easy steps:


Apply visible layer to the skin over the painful area and surroundings.


After 5-10 mins, repeat a second application to the area.


Repeat application every three to four hours.


Use the gel for 3-5 days or until pain has disappeared.

Only natural ingredients used and can be used by the whole family. This includes young children, from 2 years old, and even pregnant women.

For external use only. Do not use on wounds or damaged skin. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Do not bandage the area covered in gel.

Cold or Hot Preparations, When To Use?

Hot preparations should not be used after acute injury, damage or swelling!

Hot preparations are also to be avoided for up to 72 hours after acute injury as it may lead to secondary tissue damage

Only cold applications, such as Polar Frost Pain Relieving Cold Gel or Cold Spray, should be used in conjunction with the “RICE” (Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate) principle within these 72 hours.

Cold gels are also scientifically proven to be as effective as hot preparations beyond 72 hours.


What does it do?

Polar Frost cold therapy is specifically formulated to provide cooling and soothing relief for soft tissue, acute or chronic aches, and pains. It also relieves stress injuries, muscle tension, inflammation, and stiffness.


polarfrost 5ml

Sachet 5g

Sample pack

polarfrost blue

Spray 220ml

Spray bottle for instant pain relief from high impact injuries. A must in every treatment-sport bag.

polarfrost 75ml

Roll-on 75ml

With the roll-on, the gel can be massaged into the skin easily, without using hands.

polarfrost 150ml

Tube 150ml

Portable enough for the sports bag and for prolonged personal use.

polarfrost 20ml

Tube 20ml

For the treatment of minor acute injuries. Sufficient for 3-5 days of treatment. It can be put in your pocket and taken everywhere.

polarfrost 500ml

Pump Bottle 500ml

Ideal size for constant use by physiotherapists and other medical practitioners.


Polarfrost Nigeria

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